ClimaxDigital 3 in 1 Sports Pack for Nintendo Wii Video Game

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  • 100% Brand new  3 in 1 Sports Pack For Nintendo Wii with retail Blister packaging
  • Designed to help you feel more realism for playing Wii
  • Made of high quality and durable material
  • Provides 3 Sports games function : Tennis, Golf and Baseball games ,  featuring Baseball Bat, Golf Club and Tennis Racket
  • Can be improved inspiration to play Wii sport games , you may feel more realism and exciting
  • Using it ,You may feel the same momentum when you play Tennis, Golf and Baseball games
  • Enhance the fun for Nintendo Wii sport games and  Enjoy your Sport games


  • White in Color
  • Lightweight and portable, washable
  • Easy to insert and remove
  • High Stability & High Quality
  • Non - Slip Surface
  • Can be cleaned easily   

Package included

  • Golf Club           X 1
  • Baseball Bat      x 1
  • Tennis Racket   X 1
  • Remote Holder  X 1
  • Nintendo Wii Remote not inclued

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