Premium 1080p HDMI True Matrix Switcher / Splitter 4x8 by UTP CAT5/CAT6/CAT7

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Model no: MX0408-310


Key Features

The MX0408-310 is sufficient to manage a small home theatre system, which will deliver the HD video and audio to eight locations. (If both UTP and standard HDMI outputs are fully used, the number of total outputs would be up to 16). This matrix integrates the HDMI signal, IR control, TCP/IP and RS485 all together. HDMI via single UTP cable function is supported by this model, when using with a single UTP receiver or splitter with single UTP receiving function. A large scale HDMI network via minimum UTP cables would be built.

Important: display Receivers are required to be purchased separately in addition to the main matrixunit.

  • 4x HDMI Inputs
  • 8x Outputs via Dual Cat5e/6/7
  • Compatible with both SD and HD resolutions
  • Allows up to four HDMI audio/video devices to be independently switched to eight HDMI monitors, HDTVs, or projectors.
  • The eight outputs could show the same or different source simultaneously no matter the source is HDCP or not.
  • The eight outputs are all include one HDMI-A connecter and one dual RJ-45 connecter. They can output simultaneously.
  • Support high definition resolutions 1080p, 1080i, 720p and other standard video formats.
  • Each port supports HDMI or DVI inputs.
  • With extra infrared receiver extension.
  • EDID Copy
  • Five switching modes: panel buttons, local IR, IR call back from remote rooms, RS485 and Ethernet.
  • IR emitter for IR call back function to control the HDMI source from remote rooms.
  • Rack-mountable with 1RU brackets included
  • HDCP compliant
  • HDMI 1.3 version 

What's in the box

  • HDMI Matrix 4X 8 over cat5/cat6/cat7
  • 12VDC Power Supply.
  • 1 X Remote Control
  • 1x IR_RX(IR receiver extension cable)
  • 4x IR_TX(IR emitter cable)
  • 1x RS232 to RS485 convertor
  • 1x USB to UART cable
  • User manual


Product Note Status Price
1.4  1080p HDMI-Over UTP (Cat5e/6) 50m with Bidirectional IR - Receiver Only 1.4 1080p HDMI-Over UTP (Cat5e/6) 50m with Bidirectional IR - Receiver Only
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