Customer ratings for VCAP800 V3 Copy / Transfer VHS & Camcorder Video Tapes to Mac macOS

Very good

from on 09/02/2011

Small problem with drivers on cd not loading easily resolved by down loading from website. Product works as advertised - very pleased with the results. Support and aftersales excellent.


from on 31/03/2011

Drivers on CD for Mac did not work but the online versions were fine. Set up was fairly easy on mac . the only issue is that any mobile phones within 5 meters will cause sound inteference so make sure you have them in a differebnt room

Does the job!

from on 04/06/2011

Putting aside the premium any Mac connection seems to attract, my first transfer from VHS eventually worked fine. Needed more leads and Scart in/out adapter, but job done.

Foolishly, I did order the audio version by mistake,but they responded immediately and received the replacement the following day. Well done Climax.

It just works!

from on 01/02/2012

I bought this device to back-up holiday videos and family memories. I'm using a Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.6.8 and once the software had been downloaded and installed it was simply a case of connecting the converter and pressing a button.

The quality is very good, there are plenty of settings for fine tuning, video output is in several formats so should cover most editing software.

Simple and effective when used with my mac.

from on 14/03/2012

Worked well to capture images and video from the ultrasound machine at work - ie fine with any video source. Easy and intuitive with a broad range o configurable settings.

up and running in 5 minutes ...

from on 21/06/2012

i experienced no problems connecting the adapter to my iMac (running the Snow Leopard) - though I guess my usage scenario is not the typical one - i purchased the adapter to display the TV output from the Raspberry Pi on my iMac ..

Easy to innstal It just works!

from on 25/08/2012

I bought this device to back-up old family memories. I'm using a Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.8.1 .Once the software had been downloaded and installed it was simply to connecting the converter and pressing a button.Old Hi8 and Digi8 videos are now ready to be workt with in iMowie. It Works.

good product

from on 24/09/2012

Initially failed to get it working but an email to ask for support/help sent full details of settings required and all sorted. Email response was quick which is always welcome when having issues.

Works perfectly

from on 23/01/2013

Excellent results and no worse than watching the actual VHS

from on 07/02/2013

I've mastered a few films now using this device and then trimmed the resulting quite large .MOV file in iMovie and exporting at Medium settings for M4v getting a file around 1-1.2GB to watch on Apple TV. I'm happy with the resulting file, the audio quality is superb, picture quality is watchable, this of course depends on the original vhs.
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