Customer ratings for CSP01023V2 4K x 2K 3D UHD 1 Input 2 Output (1x2) HDMI Splitter

CSP01023V2 4K x 2K 3D UHD 1 Input 2 Output (1x2) HDMI Splitter
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Model no: CSP01023V2

Connect one HDMI source (eg: Sky HD )  to 2 HDMI displays

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Number of ratings: 30
Average rating: 4.9
from bchateau on 06/12/2017
Initially the splitter only sent the sound to one of the TV's. This was due to the 20m length of cable. However, customer services advised me to use 24 gauge cable and this has solved the problem. Good product and service means I now have HD in two rooms at the same time.
very good
from Anonymous on 01/03/2015
Apart from the lack of information as to the type and voltage of the remote control battery all is good.
Very good service and quality
from Anonymous on 14/01/2015
So much cheaper than Currys, John Lewis's etc. Works well with my 2nd TV in the bedroom.
Good construction and gives a good picture
from Anonymous on 05/01/2015
Simple to set up and use. Good picture to both outputs.
via your site
from Anonymous on 01/07/2014
I had problem with your dc adapter ,is diferent in GREECE.
the item develops temperature litle .
Thank you
from Anonymous on 16/02/2014
I have used this to extend the signal from a tivo box over a distance of 10mtrs to a second hdtv in the bedroom.Excellent signal from this box of tricks i am very impressed how easy it is to install,just plug in and go,100%.
from Anonymous on 19/12/2013
Have used it extend sky hd (via splitter) to a 2nd TV, picture and sound are excellent even over a distance of 15m.
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 30/04/2013
Great device for splitting the HDMI signal from my Sky+ box into the HDMI Extender over Cat5e cables. Although I had some problems because of the 16 meter length of cable. Customer Service was just excellent when I asked for technical advice they even sent me a replacement to try very promptly.
very good gagget
from Anonymous on 18/03/2013
Best problem solver for 2 tv's. Now are we able to watch the same in 2 different rooms. Thanks:)
from Anonymous on 16/02/2013
This product is excellent and does exactly what it is supposed to I would highly recommend the product and the company would not hesitate to buy this again if needed and would buy any other products of this type as well.
Very well made feels like good quality.
from Anonymous on 04/01/2013
Does what it says on the tin with no problems at all.
Excellent, compact and effecient
from Anonymous on 19/12/2012
My second splitter from CD, where I now have 3 TVs running from my Virgin V+ box (albeit exactly the same signal). No loss of picture definition and even HD is 'crystal clear'. Very easy to install and customer services were helpful in making the correct choice of product 10/10.
Does the job perfectly!
from Anonymous on 07/12/2012
I can now watch Sky 3D on my Benq 3D Vison enabled monitor (Both sound and vision work perfectly). Monitor is HDMI 1.4 but there have been no compatibility issues whatsoever.
Excellent, exactly as stated
from Anonymous on 15/01/2012
from Anonymous on 13/04/2011
Very quick delivery.
Very High
from Anonymous on 16/03/2011
Bought this to run the bedroom TV via a 15M cable & the living room TV via a 1M cable from the VirginHD box....WORKS A TREAT AND AM VERY HAPPY. Climax delivered super fast
A very good product at a very good price
from Anonymous on 12/03/2011
I have a 10m cable running to a projector and it works perfectly
Does what it say's it does. Can't say fairer than that
from Anonymous on 02/03/2011
I have a 14m cable running from this to a second television in another room. Quality is excellent and SKY HD works great
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 27/09/2010
You will be hard pushed to see any loss in signal using this product, running sky hd or ps3, both seem flawless with 2 lcds running simultaneously with a 15m cable on one and a 3m on the other.
A simple but very effective product and at a great price!!
from Anonymous on 10/05/2010
great little box
from Anonymous on 09/04/2010
Using this spiltter with a 15m HDMI cable to 2nd LCD in the bedroom. No loss in picture quality or sound. The primary TV is Full 1080p LCD where the 2nd is only HD ready. Initailly tried a splitter from neet cables but this only worked if both tv's were switched on. The splitter from climax works with no matter what TV is on or if both are on. Still using the coaxal cable with the magic eye to change channels.
top rating for this splitter
from Anonymous on 27/03/2010
i bought one of these splitters after buying a cheap £4.50 one off ebay that never worked properly at all
this i would highly recomend plug in power up auto switching
on cable very good picture needs power adapter on sky hd box
and led,s very bright but apart from that price wise
cannot be beaten
from Anonymous on 14/03/2010
Very fast delivery and the product works very well - no complaints at all and I will be using Climax Digital again in the future.
from Anonymous on 31/01/2010
Excellent unit. Does exactly what it is supposed to do. I use it to connect a -plasma TV and a projector. It also works without the power supply.
I can recommend this splitter.
from Anonymous on 18/01/2010
connected two TVs to my sky HD box, one on a 15m HDMI cable. Works perfectly. Quick delivery too.
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 03/12/2009
Very fast delivery. Works supberbly well splitting HDMI output from Thimpson Sky HD Box. The External power supply is required under certain operating conditions, eg if both hdmi cables are not handshaked with thier respective tv, one set taking direct hdmi imput from dvd other taking output from splitter. This may be more to do with the quality of the 5v output from the sky box than the splitter itself.
Superb product and great service/delivery
from Anonymous on 28/10/2009
Firstly I ordered an ebay £5.00 unpowered HDMI splitter which did not show both screens (not without a lot of flicking).

So then ordered this device. Came very quickly and is so so small (about the size of a 10 pack of cigarettes)..!

Great product and works flawlessly. Use it for PS3 onto main Plasma and small LCD in dining room.
Great product - great value
from Anonymous on 04/10/2009
I now have two of these working together on my system, one into another. This, my 2nd, replaced a very considerably more expensive (but now duff) splitter with no noticable loss of quality. Would absolutely recommend it. I use it to split a Sky HD signal to a) another TV via baluns, and b) to a hauppage hd pvr via HDFury2. It all works very sweet.
Great product
from Anonymous on 27/08/2009
Works perfectly and It also works without the power unit. I live in Holland and the powerunit doesn't fit, but that is no problem.
Good unit, good service.
from Anonymous on 12/08/2009
Sky's latest issue of Pace HD boxes have lost the 'component out' feature and only have a single HDMI outlet. I used this splitter to provide a signal to both the TV and a home cinema system to give a choice of viewing the TV. It does what it says on the box. Plug it in and switch it on. Auto selects the last source powered up with no apparent loss of signal quality. Powered by a 5vdc supply. I don't know how an un-powered unit would perform but I wouldn't take the chance for the few pounds extra this unit costs.

Service and delivery were excellent. Ordered 4pm, received 8am next morning 300 miles away, free delivery. Beat that!