Customer ratings for CHM0402V3 UHD 4K HDMI 2.0 MATRIX 4X2 w/ SPDIF+R/L Audio Out, EDID, DownScaler, ARC

CHM0402V3 UHD 4K HDMI 2.0 MATRIX 4X2 w/ SPDIF+R/L Audio Out, EDID, DownScaler, ARC
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Model no: CHM0402V3

4x2 HDMI2.0 4K@60 4:4:4 HDCP2.2 Matrix with Audio Out, EDID, DownScaler ((4K -1080P) and ARC

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Number of ratings: 10
Average rating: 4.8
from Anonymous on 24/03/2015
Easy to connect and use. Works very well as described. Comes with UK power adapter. You may want to add some rubber feet to the metal housing.
It does what it says it would do.....
from Anonymous on 04/03/2015
Was concerned that the Sky HD would not 'behave' with content protection.... but it does. Four HDMI devices including SKY HD connected to a Sony TV and a projector on the A and B outputs - works as per the box!
Works fine since buying 1 month ago
from Anonymous on 30/12/2014
Bought to replace a failing cheaper switch box, remote works well. Lights a little bright, but excellent picture and sound.
Buying experience and delivery first class.
Great Product
from Anonymous on 22/01/2014
Had problems to start with but worked through it ,this was down to the handshake protocol it matters which order you switch your units on.
climaxdigital were very helpful. Thanks
from Anonymous on 13/01/2014
Does exactly what it says it'll do and I now have my PS4 connected to my aging Bose sound system. Fantastic service from great staff. Many thanks
done the job as advertised
from Anonymous on 15/07/2013
All my HDMI devices connected,works like a dream.
Very good and flexable product
from Anonymous on 12/07/2013
It is very good including the sound output
The only downside is if you change output "B", output "A" will also go blank for a few seconds, and vice versa.
Good product, good service congrats
from Anonymous on 20/12/2012
Does what it says on the tin. Very good value for money.
from Anonymous on 30/01/2012
Ideal for users like me who do not have/want an AV HDMI input Amplifier. This latest unit has green LED's on front panel i.e. a bit less bright than reported on earlier models. Switching between HDMI sources takes approx 6 seconds. Note: the Line Level o/p on the phonos is lower than the source units phono o/p. So be careful with your amps volume setting when switching back to a normal analog line signal e.g. CD player.
Very handy little box
from Anonymous on 31/12/2009
I was looking to input my Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Blu ray player and PC all into a display with only one HD socket. This switcher did it all with no complications. I would eventually like to connect it to a projector, then the second output will be utilised. Great product. Very happy