Customer ratings for ClimaxDigital ACAP100 USB 2.0 Audio Capture for PC/Mac

ClimaxDigital ACAP100 USB 2.0 Audio Capture for PC/Mac
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Model no: ACAP100

Enable you to transfer Vinyl,audio cassette,tape to PC/Mac

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Number of ratings: 27
Average rating: 4.8
Very good
from Michael Adlam on 08/08/2018
Software installation easy. Recording music also easy. Currently very pleased.
The product worked just fine
from Anonymous on 28/01/2018
I have taken a star off because the unit arrived here in the U.K. with a 240 volt UK plug adapter but the power supply was for USA 110 volt supply. Having plugged it all in, the power supply soon fused, but luckily the pre-amp still worked with my own power unit - it could have been a disaster.
Good, it does just what I wanted - connects turntable and tape deck to laptop
from Anonymous on 20/01/2016
Very easy to use and with Audacity it is possible to convert old tapes and LPs to digital recordings
from Anonymous on 24/01/2015
Audio Capture Working fine and achieving the purpose for which I purchased it, plus good clean copy of Audacity
from Anonymous on 07/04/2014
Worked well straight out of the box, almost zero setup and returned good, clear, high quality results. Feels surprisingly well made for the price.
Fabulous Product
from Anonymous on 06/03/2014
Using this to transfer music from cassette to mp3 onto pc & minidisc works brilliantly easy to set up. Highly recommend it.
from Anonymous on 20/02/2014
used it to convert my albums to MP3
from Anonymous on 16/10/2013
Just plug & play! So simple to use. The Software takes a little time, but this is the same for any new piece of kit you get. To think you used to mess about with sound capture cards etc, now it's all USB!!
Arrived quickly, no problems installing it & getting it to work
from Anonymous on 23/09/2013
Having messed about with audio cables from turntable to netbook via multi purpose earphone/microphone plug - with hit & (usually) miss results this product was like a breath of fresh air - it worked with no issues, the Audacity software seemed more understandable than the version I had already . Using it for transferring vinyl to MP3....running XP
from Anonymous on 17/09/2013
It was really, plug and play, worked out of the box and delivered exactly what I was hoping for. This product should be sold EVERYWHERE, it offers some key elements for those who wish capture audio from just about anything analogue. I have old recordings of family members as children who's only recording was via an old fashioned Tape, so digitising them now is a thrill and this device works perfectly for those precious moments.
from Anonymous on 12/08/2013
Was easy to install and the sound I got on my Ipod was very good. I liked being able to save so I could transfer to lossless format.
Excellent Product and service.
from Anonymous on 02/07/2013
Ideal for playing my old music on my Laptop I find Nero Wav Editor software more easier to use or may be it's because I'm use to it.
Now don't need to use my Pc anymore.
Excellent product
from Anonymous on 02/07/2013
Extremely easy to use and excellent results with the Audacity software - even with some 20 year old tapes!!
Excellent Bit Of Kit
from Anonymous on 06/06/2013
Once I realised I had the cables plugged in the wrong way round everything worked as it should. The Audacity software is fairly easy to use and I'm very pleased with the recordings I've made so far. If like me you have 100's of cassettes it's not going to be a quick job. Expect to spend a lot of hours transferring everything over but it's well worth the effort.
Very good.
from Anonymous on 11/01/2013
Works fine; but the delivery to France took 10 days. Sending it as regular postage instead of being recorded would be faster and cheaper.
First class product with a first class service
from Anonymous on 09/01/2013
Does exactly what it says in the info. Converts any sound source to digital when used with audacity software, which is free to download. Plug and play. Wouldn't be without mine.
wonderful. cassette decks are a dying species. save your cherished tapes.
from Anonymous on 02/09/2012
easy to use. answers the need. results splendid. hard to get it wrong.
Fantastic and easy to use
from Anonymous on 26/01/2012
Fast delivery, no setup problems with Win7, does exactly what it says. I have used it for transferring vinyl and tape without a single hitch. Absolutely perfect. Why can't everyone make kit like this?
from Anonymous on 01/12/2011
I found it a simple and high quality solution to transferring tapes to MP3. Enough instructions provided for Audacity software to enable me to start recording immediately. Highly recommended.
very good
from Anonymous on 30/09/2011
i am using it to transfer vinyl and tapes to the pc and then into my ipod. Very easy to use, when you know what you are doing, wouldn't recommend it for a complete computer novice, but help through internet forums is googleable.
from Anonymous on 27/08/2011
Great service, ordered in the afternoon and arrived the next morning! Does just what it says on the box, plug it in, load the disc and away you go. Found the software easy to use and am now in nostalgia mode transfering my old tapes to MP3.
A much superior solution to earlier products
from Anonymous on 11/04/2011
The best service I have ever had with an on-line order - ordered one day, arrived the next morning, and with free shipping too! Cannot recommend highly enough. The hardware is excellent, functionality very good, and the Audacity software is fully featured and easy to use. I look forward to transferring 100+ LPs to MP3 ;-}
Its a magic piece of kit great
from Anonymous on 19/11/2010
I am very pleased indeed with its performance. Good value for money. Well worth listening to old cassettes in Mp3 format. Great sound quality
from Anonymous on 15/07/2010
This product was sent to me promptly across the water and I am very pleased indeed with its performance. Good value for money. Well worth listening to old favourite songs in Mp3 format.
Great product.
from Anonymous on 14/03/2010
Take it out of the box, plug it in and it does exactly what it says it does.
from Anonymous on 05/01/2010
Easy to use and works perfectly.Gives the `old`voices and memories back after so many years. Quick, correct delivery!
from Anonymous on 24/11/2009
This product so simple and works like a dream on my Vista laptop.
I ordered online and the next day took delivery and recorded my first LP within an hour