ClimaxDigital ACAP100 USB 2.0 Audio Capture for PC/Mac

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Good when your PW will work with it
from on 11/09/2022
Initially had it working really well for converting the headphone output from a Yamaha digital piano to USB for recording via Audacity. That was on a circa 2015 Macbook.

Recently I wanted to use this ACAP100 again but cannot get my Lenovo laptop (Windows 10 Pro) or iMac (old, OSX Sierra) to recognise the USB audio input, and nether will any of the Audacity versions I tried.

In the end I managed to get the desired result of recording from a Fire tablets audio output to the old iMac via a 3.5mm male to male connector - which somewhat defeats the object.

I have sent the issue to Climaxdigital tech support and wonder what the response will be.
Very good
from on 08/08/2018
Software installation easy. Recording music also easy. Currently very pleased.
The product worked just fine
from on 28/01/2018
I have taken a star off because the unit arrived here in the U.K. with a 240 volt UK plug adapter but the power supply was for USA 110 volt supply. Having plugged it all in, the power supply soon fused, but luckily the pre-amp still worked with my own power unit - it could have been a disaster.

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