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An adapter for use with the USB Video capture  where the video source (VCR etc.) doesn't have individual Phono or S-Video outputs.

This adapter converts from a SCART socket on the video source (VCR etc.), to seperate phono and S-Video output connections, as required by the 
USB Video capture.

Note: many VCRs have Phono connections (typically on the front of the VCR) that are INPUTS rather than OUTPUTS. The  USB Video capture require video OUTPUTS from your VCR, so these INPUT Phono connections are not suitable. If you do not have phono OUTPUTS on your VCR and your VCR has SCART video OUTPUT ports,  then you will need this adapter to connect to  USB Video capture.


  • Scart plug to 3 x phono (Yellow,red, white) & S-video (SVHS) sockets
  • Requires video Source (VCR etc.) with SCART Output.
  • Gold plated
  • 21-pin scart
  • Switchable
  • Black coloured

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