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VCAP800 V3 Copy / Transfer VHS & Camcorder Video Tapes to Mac macOS
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VCAP800 V3  supports  macOS up to 11 Big Sur (Intel and M1 chip) and  Windows 10/8/8.1/7,Save your family video to PC/DVD


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Number of ratings: 29
Average rating: 4.7
from Anonymous on 08/06/2020
I wanted a kit to enable me to copy vhs tapes onto my new mac with catalina 10.15 operatins system and it works fine!
Very pleased as I'd been told elsewhere that I would not be able to use my mac for this.
This product solved my problems with transferring my old VHS. tapes to DVD. I achieved very good results on my Mac. The product also works very well withWindows computers.
from Anonymous on 07/04/2020
My Mac was causing issues initially so I contacted the Climax Digital customer service. I found their advice helped me immediately. I would recommend the product and the company.
from Anonymous on 26/12/2017
Very good prompt pre-after sales advice.
Software works well. If it could be tweaked to stop the 'threading' that would be even better. Pleased with overall results.
Good product, translates VHS to computer as described.
from Anonymous on 08/09/2017
Would be better if more user guidance for set-up, particularly whether windows or mac computer.
from Anonymous on 24/01/2017
Works perfectly on my MacBook - Highly recommended!!!
from Anonymous on 13/01/2017
Once I got this working I had no issues with it; intuitive and straight-forward, and whilst I have only transferred some old VHS tapes to digital, it has done exactly as I would expect. It unfortunately runs at realtime, so the process takes ages, but that gives you the opportunity to watch the old videos through again (except the wedding speech). However, what stops it getting 5 stars is the ridiculous routine of providing it with only a disc for the software (I have no disk-drive, and I don't remember this being obvious in the advert) so I had to do a work-round to download what was required.
from Anonymous on 22/09/2016
We have been meaning to transfer our old camcorder tapes onto our computer for years but it all seemed too difficult. This piece of kit, though is brilliant and simple to use.
All of our precious tapes from when the children were young are now safely backed-up. The only problem is that tapes transfer in real time and dragging ourselves away from the screen is night on impossible!!
very good
from Anonymous on 28/06/2015
very useful for converting VHS to DVD at a very good price.
after experiencing one of the biggest provider and finding it a total useless service, I went for locally provided with local support if required. and it has been the best decision.
from Anonymous on 10/04/2015
work very well in Mac and Windows
from Anonymous on 09/04/2015
It makes a very good "work" in Mac and in Windows
Highly recommended - have transferred all my VHS tapes to computer/DVD very easily
from Anonymous on 20/02/2015
Previously to buying this i had purchased a similar product elsewhere for about 1/3 the price but that didn't come with driver or instructions and after a few uses the wires came apart from the plastic casing they were supposed to be in. This product is fantastic and far superior - well worth the cost. It comes with drivers, instructions and software to allow you to capture and do basic editting and produce a DVD or computer file. Wish I'd bought this earlier. Have transferred about 40 VHS tapes to DVD and my compter.
Very good
from Anonymous on 18/02/2015
I found it was a quick delivery, 2 days , faster than stated. Have used it and after finding which cable for sound , white or red , I have transferred my old films from tape ( super 8 ) to computer and the sound and picture quality is very good. The paper work that came with the device , is not very clear about editing bits off and inserting captions. I would recommend this to others.
from Anonymous on 17/02/2015
Was unable to get this to work with my Windows 8.1 laptop connected to the VHS, but it worked fine when I connected the VHS to my Windows 7 PC and I successfully copied a video tape to DVD. I have not yet had time to explore why it would not work on the laptop except that the initial drivers did not seem to install. Are new drivers required for Windows 8.1?
Excellent product but problem with installation
from Anonymous on 27/12/2014
The product is excellent, it works perfectly when it's recognised by the computer. I had some big issues with installation on my iMac (OS 10.6.8) : it worked ONCE and then... impossible to access the video settings, they are blocked on "jpeg" mode so no mean to transfer properly. That is why I rated only 4 stars. The client support was great, they explained how to uninstall and reinstall but it never worked again. So I tried with my husband Macbook Pro (older OS 10) and for the moment the device is running fine. It's easy to use, the converted videos are good, the quality seems equivalent to the VHS one. The sound is perfect, the voices are not changed at all (I had to find the corect sound settings). The only thing is the size of the .mov, it's about 1 Go for around 13 min. I'm very satisfied with the VCAP800, and the client support also.
from Anonymous on 18/12/2014
Unbeatable at the price. It does what it says on the box.
very good
from Anonymous on 25/02/2014
from Anonymous on 30/09/2013
I have been wanting to transfer my old VHS tapes to disc for a very long time, the VCAP810 worked first time and was really easy to setup on my iMac running OSX 10.8.5, I have transferred 3 x 4 hour tapes so far and it worked perfectly each time, very pleased.
from Anonymous on 14/06/2013
Easy to set up and gives super picture and sound. I am using a SKY+ receiver to record TV programs, and use the VCASP810 to record the programs ton DVD.
from Anonymous on 01/03/2013
Does exactly what is says. Easy to use. I copied a three hour tape onto my Mac laptop and then burned it to a double layer DVD with no trouble and no loss of quality.
Excellent results and no worse than watching the actual VHS
from Anonymous on 07/02/2013
I've mastered a few films now using this device and then trimmed the resulting quite large .MOV file in iMovie and exporting at Medium settings for M4v getting a file around 1-1.2GB to watch on Apple TV. I'm happy with the resulting file, the audio quality is superb, picture quality is watchable, this of course depends on the original vhs.
Works perfectly
from Anonymous on 23/01/2013
good product
from Anonymous on 24/09/2012
Initially failed to get it working but an email to ask for support/help sent full details of settings required and all sorted. Email response was quick which is always welcome when having issues.
Easy to innstal It just works!
from Anonymous on 25/08/2012
I bought this device to back-up old family memories. I'm using a Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.8.1 .Once the software had been downloaded and installed it was simply to connecting the converter and pressing a button.Old Hi8 and Digi8 videos are now ready to be workt with in iMowie. It Works.
up and running in 5 minutes ...
from Anonymous on 21/06/2012
i experienced no problems connecting the adapter to my iMac (running the Snow Leopard) - though I guess my usage scenario is not the typical one - i purchased the adapter to display the TV output from the Raspberry Pi on my iMac ..
Simple and effective when used with my mac.
from Anonymous on 14/03/2012
Worked well to capture images and video from the ultrasound machine at work - ie fine with any video source. Easy and intuitive with a broad range o configurable settings.
It just works!
from Anonymous on 01/02/2012
I bought this device to back-up holiday videos and family memories. I'm using a Mac Book Pro running OSX 10.6.8 and once the software had been downloaded and installed it was simply a case of connecting the converter and pressing a button.

The quality is very good, there are plenty of settings for fine tuning, video output is in several formats so should cover most editing software.
Does the job!
from Anonymous on 04/06/2011
Putting aside the premium any Mac connection seems to attract, my first transfer from VHS eventually worked fine. Needed more leads and Scart in/out adapter, but job done.

Foolishly, I did order the audio version by mistake,but they responded immediately and received the replacement the following day. Well done Climax.
from Anonymous on 31/03/2011
Drivers on CD for Mac did not work but the online versions were fine. Set up was fairly easy on mac . the only issue is that any mobile phones within 5 meters will cause sound inteference so make sure you have them in a differebnt room
Very good
from Anonymous on 09/02/2011
Small problem with drivers on cd not loading easily resolved by down loading from website. Product works as advertised - very pleased with the results. Support and aftersales excellent.