Premium CHM0404V3P 4K HDMI 2.0 MATRIX 4X4 w/ Audio Extract, Downscaler,ARC,RS232,CEC,EDID

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Customer ratings for Premium CHM0404V3P 4K HDMI 2.0 MATRIX 4X4 w/ Audio Extract, Downscaler,ARC,RS232,CEC,EDID

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Awesome product - very simple but powerful.
from on 15/02/2012
Once I worked out I needed to configure my DVD player to output sound on HDMI (my fault) it all worked perfectly. One output to the TV and one to the Projector. Up to four HDMI inputs should be enough for a while. toslink or coax digital sound out means I don't have a VERY expensive upgrade to an HDMI switching receiver.
Great Find! HDMI switch
from on 02/01/2012
This is a great HDMI switch. As well as allowing you to switch upto 4 HDMI devices to two seperate TVs / projectors, it also handles audio properly (not many switch matrix boxes will do that!).
I use it to connect my various HDMI devices (Blu-Player / DVD / HD PVR) to both my TV and projector, and connect the audio to the surround system. It works perfectly.
Very pleased with this project. Highly recomended.
Excellent Product
from on 29/03/2011
If I only had to find a flaw, it would be the lights are too bright.

It came with one of the switch buttons in the unit sunked in, so I had to fiddle with it a bit before I could use it from the unit (from the remote always worked). Otherwise I'd give 5 stars.

My setup includes and HTPC with HDMI output and a PS3. I use the toslink output for my speakers. I use the HDMI outputs for my tv and the other one for my projector (with a DVI converter). The projector is wired on a 10m DVI cable.

No loss of quality whatsoever.

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