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SCART to USB 2 Video Capture Cable Kit
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SCART to USB 2 Video Capture Cable DIY Kit for Windows

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Number of ratings: 28
Average rating: 4.9
Does the job as wished, but the software comes on a CD
from Anonymous on 21/06/2017
Having no CD player on the computer I use for the transfer, I had to create an ISO on another PC to install the software and drivers
After that, it is straightforward to use the device and everything is working perfectly.
from Anonymous on 08/06/2017
Very pleased with this product. Easy to install and use. Does exactly what it claims to do. Highly recommended!
Excellent, does what it says on the tin
from Anonymous on 08/08/2016
plugged it into my DVD recorder/ security camera, connected to my optiplex 780 runing Windows 7, loaded disc and it worked immediately.
Very useful product.
First class
from Anonymous on 31/07/2016
It arrived on time and as described. Everything required was in the box. Connection to the Sky + HD box via the Scart adapter was straightforward, as was installation of the software on a Windows 10 Notebook. Although so far I have only tried a small sample, the capture and storage worked perfectly. Strangely, for some reason, connection via the A/V outputs on the Sky box didn't work.
Worked perfectly - Excellent Value
from Anonymous on 24/07/2016
Wanted to save a TV programme that had been recorded on an HDD-based Freeview Box to Google Drive. Was able to do so in no time. Instructions are clear and easy to follow. Well worth the price.
from Anonymous on 31/05/2016
Easy to use and good working software !
from Anonymous on 10/02/2016
does exactly what you would expect
Amazingly Good
from Anonymous on 02/08/2015
It is important to note that I am a very experienced video editor, having worked in the production industry since the mid 1980s. I'm converting my portfolio of work, collected over this period, from tape to disc using a variety of professional applications. The problem is that no high-end application will digitize from VHS, so I needed a simple and inexpensive means of doing this. Initially I tried a device costing three times as much, but this had so many problems it was unusable (even the manufacturer conceded they had no solutions to these issues) and I returned it for a refund.

I therefore approached this device with some trepidation, as I wasn't confident something at this price-point could possibly do a good job. I'm pleased to say I was very pleasantly surprised. Installation went very smoothly, with very clear instructions in English as to the procedure. There was one hitch, related to the audio driver, but again this eventuality was covered in the instructions, and in very little time everything was installed.

Next I wanted to digitize (capture) a tape. I chose one which my original product had been unable to capture as it seemed to me this would be a rigorous test for this device. It ran without any problems whatsoever even though, at forty minutes duration, it certainly wasn't a short clip.

I'm not able to comment on the editing features of the ArcSoft software as I load the captured footage into Sony VegasPro to tidy up the levels and top and tail the programme ready for disc authoring. What I can say is that for a simple, inexpensive device for capturing video from pretty well any analogue source, this product is unbeatable and has far exceeded my expectations.
Conversion from VHS to PC easy process
from Anonymous on 23/06/2015
Wanted to edit in MOVIEMAKER but conversion from VHS was to .mpg however plenty of free convertor progs available so once converted to .wmv was no problem. All camcorder tapes (covering a period of 7 years) completed and the old VHS recorder trashed.
Very Good
from Anonymous on 15/06/2015
Product is excellent its just a shame that you have to play the whole tape, otherwise quality and process is fine.
Absolutely wonderful
from Anonymous on 18/04/2015
orderecd it with some trepidation. Arrived by the promised date. It came with adequate instructions and worked perfectly first time. It does exactly what was promised. Using it to convert old analogue VHS video tapes into MPEG 2 files for editing and burning onto DVDs.
Very good, easy to set up.
from Anonymous on 01/03/2015
Used to convert old VHS tapes to digital form for subsequent editing. Some limitations in editimng software provided.
from Anonymous on 23/02/2015
Once set up it has been really easy to download my videos, it represents excellent value for money.
from Anonymous on 13/02/2015
This product is very excellent!!!
great! Does what is says on the tin so far :)
from Anonymous on 11/12/2014
Apart from a minor setup glitch which was fixed via the included FAQ this has been working just fine so far and some old CHS tapes have been given a new lease of (digital) life. Now all I need is a couple of weeks to spend archiving the rest of the collection ... !
from Anonymous on 18/10/2014
Very pleased with your product, Does exactly what it says.
I had one query whilst using it for the first time, but I sent an e-mail and within a very short time, I received a reply which was a great help to me. Everything working fine. Once again, many thanks.
from Anonymous on 30/07/2014
Just follow the instructions plug it in and your of and running great product.
Very good
from Anonymous on 21/07/2014
Transferring old analogue camcorder 8mm to digital couldn't be easier . Editing is complicated but my daughter got her head around it so -- job done!.
Now come up with a cheap simple way to copy ancient super 8 home movies to digital!
from Anonymous on 13/05/2014
First rate advice from frank before buying made this product the ideal one to buy for my needs
Does the job
from Anonymous on 07/05/2014
Followed the instructions, and this worked great.
from Anonymous on 25/04/2014
Very intuitive and easy to use.
from Anonymous on 23/03/2014
First class. Only small issue was that had to buy additional cable to complete project.
Simple and easy to install, great instructions, worked perfect
from Anonymous on 13/02/2014
Purchased this as we wanted to mainly get our old Wedding Video into a digital format. There are a number of products out there and many on a well known auction site. Selected this one as it's confirmed as working on 32 / 64 bit win 7 and 8 (cheaper products don't work on newer pc's. It was not worth saving a couple of pounds for me) - also contacted Climax Digital direct to confirm our requirements and was assured it was the right product. All in all great pre-sales advice, very quick delivery, installed and worked first time all for a competitive price product. 1st class all round
Works as described and met my needs
from Anonymous on 21/01/2014
Easy to instal; and use
from Anonymous on 14/10/2013
This did exactly what I wanted it to do. It took a short while to set up properly but all of the instructions were there and I didn't need to contact the vendors help line. Great piece of kit and i'm pleased with the purchase and the prompt delivery.
Does the job
from Anonymous on 03/09/2013
Took quite a few goes to get the audio driver installed and working correctly but got there in the end and worked just fine on a 3 year old win 7 machine.
from Anonymous on 28/03/2013
I have used the software and connection cable on a desktop XP and a laptop Win 7. Both work with no problem,installation on Win 7 particularly quick and easy. Good value product.
Gets the job done on WIN7
from Anonymous on 15/08/2012
I had tried other cheapy devices (EasyCap, etc.), but none would play nice with WIN7 on my Dell Studio Laptop, regardless of original and 3rd party drivers tried.
It's a bit pricey I thought, but this device worked out of the box once the drivers were installed. The integrated button on the USB device is a nice idea, giving you remote control as the video source plays. I have used it for old VHS video rescue. and the results are good. Now it's down to processing and editing!