HEC500Coax HDMI Over Coax Extender Set - 1640Ft(500m) @ 1080p

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Model no:  HEC500Coax

HDMI over single 75ohm coaxial coax cable extender for sending a 1080p HD source up to 100m 1640Ft(500m). Supplied as a kit with the transmitter, receiver & PSUs this plug and play kit provides a convenient solution using an existing coax cable installation

It supports 3 connection methods

1. one to one connection

2. cascade connection

3. one to many connection



  • transmit HDMI signals up to 1640Ft(500m) using one RG6/7/11
  • coaxial cable.Solid & shielded coaxial cables, such as Belden 1694A, with metal 75 Ohm BNC connectors are recommended.
  • supports one to one, cascade and one to many connections.
  • 1 transmitter to 1 receiver. 1 transmitter can also be connected to  multiple receivers viavideo splitter to get more longer transmission distance.
  • Support HDMI resolution:720p@50/60Hz 1080i@50/60Hz 1080p@50/60Hz.
  • Support hdmi 1.4 and hdcp 1.4 version.
  • Audio Supports PCM 48KHz.
  • HDMI local loopout from the transmitter.
  • Receiver comes with a  local coaxial loopout and it  can be daisy-chained to cover longer distance
  • No signal loss and delay.
  • Operating Temperature range :-10 to +45℃
  • Storage Temperature range:-20 to +60℃
  • Power Supply: TX:<2.5W; RX:<2.5W

What's in the box

  •    1 X HEC500Coax HDMI to coaxial Transmitter
  •    1 X HEC500Coax HDMI to coaxial Receiver
  •    2 X UK  3 pin power supplies
  •    1 X  User Manual

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