Customer ratings for CHM0404300SCV3 4K/60Hz 4X4 HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switch by SINGLE UTP CAT6 50m POC

CHM0404300SCV3 4K/60Hz 4X4 HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switch by SINGLE UTP CAT6  50m POC
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Model no: CHM0404300SCV3

4K/60Hz 4 X 4 HDMI 2.0 Matrix Switch by SINGLE UTP CAT6,18Gbps,50m POC

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Number of ratings: 6
Average rating: 4.8
Amazing Switcher and at a great price
from Anonymous on 04/02/2015
I bought this product 6 months ago. Easy to fit and a truly great product. IR work brilliantly Pictures stunning in every room. I have got my sons xbox one as one of the inputs and can play in any room. Had a small problem with a power supply on a reciver and was sorted by these guys next day.
1st Class service. Well Done
Great product
from Anonymous on 18/03/2014
I was so impressed with first one I bought that I ended up buying a second. No problems at all from ordering them online to setting them up. One note try and make sure the Cat 5/6/7 is not going through wall plates for clearer signal.
Excellent, even better now the receivers have ir transmitterw
from Anonymous on 24/07/2013
Excellent value for money
from Anonymous on 08/04/2013
Does just the same as some other products at a about 3rd the price.

Good build quality.

Decent support.
from Anonymous on 16/03/2013
Purchased to replace a 4 X 8 matrix that packed up after 2 years, out the box I was surprised and annoyed to see its not the same as the photo on the web site, and therefore the existing baluns had to be replaced with the new ones supplied with the matrix,
Once in the rack, all connections straight forward, 3 x outputs worked straight away, 4th output took about 5 mins to handshake , but once it was up all ok. Its a bit slower switching than my previous matrix, but still acceptable as you don't tend to flick through the sources. I have lost output one or twice since its been in use (2 weeks) but when its reselected via the balun which also switches locally via an IR bud, it comes back up,( its a handshake/ screen resolution thing)? which I believe all matrix are generally renowned for having difficulty with, although the expensive 4 x 8 which packed up didn't do this! All in all its good value, when compared to most other 4 x 4 offers, particularly when I was considering replacing a 4 x 8 which are £2200 minimum, As long as it lasts longer than my last purchase Il be happy, the issue is, they are all made in China just labelled up differently and sold for a wide range of different prices with no chance of a warranty being upheld, this company helped with questions beforehand, and delivered promptly for a fair price
Excellent product-no problems to date.
from Anonymous on 10/10/2012

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