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Product no.: 111114

Item No: 111114

Model No: CPCTV205

This universal VGA to AV/Svideo converter converts VGA signal from PC/Notebook to AV/Svideo singal and can ouput VGA, Video and Svideo simultaneously, which enables you to use your ordinary TV as a second screen for your PC/Laptop. You can view any video file which will play on your PC on your TV, making it easier to view. You can also connect it to your DVD/video recorder and record the video file to a more convenient media (Recordable DVD or Video tape). It supports up to 1024x768 @ 60-75 Hz. The box contains all the leads you are likely to need in order to connect to your PC and TV. Auto switch between PAL/NTSC. Easy setup, just plug and play. no software or driver required. It supports both PC and MAC. It's a great gadget for PC GAMEs, PC VCD/DVD/moivies, Entertainment, multi-media Education and Presentation.

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