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Product no.: CGW0001
  • Item no: CGW0001
  • A necessity for your WII gaming needs: With the 6 in 1 SPORTS KIT, you can play your console with awesome reality.
  • Simply slide your WII Remote Control for Nonstop Action
  • Take your Game to Next Level
  • Really Feel a part of the game
  • 100% Brand New in original Blister Retail Package
  • Easy insert and removal of Wii Remote
  • Color: White
  • Package includes
  • Golf Club
  • Tennis Racket
  • Baseball Bat
  • Steering Wheel Adaptor
  • Wrist Strap
  • Remote Holder
Delivery weight: 510 g

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Product no.: CGW00021


Item no: CGW0002

Brand new  3 in 1 Sports Pack For Nintendo Wii with retail Blister packaging



Delivery weight: 422 g

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Product no.: CGW0004
  • Item no: CGW0004
  • 100% new sealed high quality generic Light Gun for Nintendo Wii Remote Control and Nunchuk, White
  • Quantity: 1
  • Get into Action! Now you can add more realism to the Wii shooting games with this attachment gun
  • Playing on your Nintendo Wii will never feel the same again
  • Firm grip support minimize hand fatigue
  • Heavy duty design ensures these attachment handles can withstand the stress from the realistic sport simulation
  • Innovative design ensures quick release of the remote control from the attachment handle
  • A perfect stylish way to store your Wii Controller while you are not playing.
  • Color: White
  • Material: ABS
  • Blister packaging


Delivery weight: 246 g

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Product no.: 111128

Quick find code: 111128

Model NO: VYH35

 Convert component video (YPbPr)+Audio or VGA+Audio to HDMI singal



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Product no.: CGW0008
  • Item no: CGW0008
  • 100% Brand new
  • Retail Giftbox packaging
  • Fully compatible with all forms of TV's and displays including Plasma and LCD
  • No battteries or untidy leads required
  • Machine gun design to enhance the pleasure in different shooting games
  • Make the games more realistic and exciting
  • Durable and compact design
  • Lightweight, simple to use and require no batteries
  • Firm grip, releases your hands and makes more comfortable to operate
  • Put your Wii remote (and Nunchuck) into the gun holder to become the light Gun
Delivery weight: 264 g

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Product no.: 111132

Quick find no: 111132

Model no: YAS200

converts any component (YPbPr) video to RCA Composite Video and S-video.

Delivery weight: 595 g

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Product no.: 111151
  • Item no: 111151

  • Model no: HEC60


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Product no.: CGW0009
  • Item no: CGW0009
  • 100% Brand new fishing pole for Nintendo Wii fishing game
  • Retail Giftbox packaging
  • It is ideal for fishing game
  • Compatible with Nintendo Wii remote controller and Nunchuk
  • Use this to convert your Wii Remote to a fishing pole
  • Experience the realistic feeling in winning the fishing game
  • Get more comfort when steadily holding it
  • The bar can rotate for winding line
  • Stylish design
  • High quality and durable
Delivery weight: 264 g

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Product no.: 111166
  • Item no: 111166

  • Model no: EX0101-U66

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