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ClimaxDigital UK offers support primarily through email.

    1. Email

You can also  send the email directly to with your order no, customer no or model no and the channel you purchased.

All emails received from customers will be replied within 24 working hours excluding public holidays and weekends)


For technical help, please check the trouble shooting guides or download new drivers below first.


For ClimaxDigital USB Graphic adaptor and laptop docking Station (model no: CUH195, CUH350, CUH350D, CUD390)


LATEST driver/software for ClimaxDigital VCAP800

  Please use the license key on the white software CD sleeve. License has been paid and you do not need to buy license again,.


Driver for VCAP301/VCAP302/VCAP303/EZCAP116 USB 2.0 Video Capture


Driver for ClimaxDigital ACAP100







HDMI Matrix, extender  over CAT6/CAT5E/CAT7

CAT6 cable is recommended for best performance

CATx cables need to be terminated by following TIAEIA 568B standard.

Whichever network cable type you choose, ensure that the main wiring architecture is ‘solid core’, not stranded ‘patch’ cabling. Patch cabling can be used for the last few metres of a run (say from a wallplate) but should be avoided over the longer runs as signal transfer over stranded cores is heavily reduced.

The use of pre-made leads is not recommended unless you can be absolutely sure of their construction credentials (i.e. solid core 568B)

For detailed guide, please visit