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VCAP302 V3 VHS to PC/DVD Converter DIY Kit
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Model NO: VCAP302 V3

VHS to PC/DVD Converter DIY Kit- convert all your valuable video archive into digital format

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Number of ratings: 9
Average rating: 4.7
from Ivon James on 26/12/2018
Without any previous experience of video capture and DVD creation I found this kit to be very user friendly. It was easy to install and simple to use.
I was able to transfer several old VHS tapes (one was recorded in 1986) on to DVDs. Brilliant...
from Anonymous on 19/03/2018
Easy to use - Great output.
Does what it says on the box.
from Anonymous on 25/06/2017
Installed the software and connected converter up using the supplied components and off it went. So far have converted four tapes into digital files and watched two of them. Taking into account the quality of the original tapes the digital versions are fine with little apparent loss in picture.
For general purpose good value
from Anonymous on 27/05/2017
The hardware is perfect for home use.The bundled software from Arcsoft is minimal but OK for beginners. If you wish to upgrade for more possibilities version 5 has more scope but Arcsoft no longer support Showbiz.For absolute beginners Youtube has lots of training videos where you can find tips and tricks to enhance your products.
All in all very good value for money.
Excellent value for money
from Anonymous on 18/03/2017
I was pleased with overall performance but a little disappointed with the video quality. I upgraded the included software to Arcsoft Showbiz and was able to achieve a better quality of the captured video.
First class 5star.
from Anonymous on 17/03/2017
Takes less than 5 minutes to install and setup. Produces video files that can be used to burnt to DVD. Final summary: does what it says on the box!
Simple transfer tool, a good product.
from Anonymous on 06/12/2016
Very easy to install and clear instructions on how to connect the equipment. The instructions need more detail on what all of the available settings are for and how to use them. The transfer software is simple to use; however, the instructions for the editing software could be more detailed on how to cut segments from a video. The product finalisation onto DVD, etc is straightforward. Overall a good product.
It woks well and is easy to use
from Anonymous on 14/09/2014
It does what it says on the box, that makes me happy
very good
from Anonymous on 01/03/2013
what I would like is more detailed instructions on how to link video and sound. Found editing films very easy but unsure about adding music to video

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